About Us

Bulilima district is situated in the western side of Zimbabwe in Matabeleland South Province. The district is bordered by Mangwe district in the South, Tsholotsho district in the north, Umguza district in the east and the Republic of Botswana in the west. It spans an area of 715 545,4549  hectares. Bulilima has twenty-two wards of which seventeen are communal, three are old resettlement, one small scale commercial farming area and one ward which comprises large scale commercial farming area, A1, A2 and A3 resettlement models.

To improve the standard of living for the district population by providing quality infrastructure and social services.

A strong local economy capable of sustaining its District Population by 2023.

Integrity, transparency, teamwork, and responsiveness

Meet The Team

Bulilima Rural District concil is under the leadership of Councillor L. Ndebele (Chairperson) and Mr B. Mulauzi (CEO) and Councillors


Cllr L. Ndebele Chairperson




Mr B. Mulauzi CEO


Bulilima Rural District Council was established through an act of Parliament and is regulated through the Rural District Council ‘s Act 29:13  It is one of the seven administrative districts in Matabeleland South province , it was initial proclaimed in 2002 after the split of the former Bulilima Mangwe Rural District Council. It then attained District status in 2003.It has 22 wards whose councilors make up the policy and legislative arm of the RDC.  The district falls under five chieftainships and fifteen headmen.