Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to the Bulilima community. Services range from:


We provide social housing for those in need, as well as managing housing waiting lists and providing advice and support for housing-related issues.


We are responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient school places for children. We also provide support and guidance to schools and may offer adult education programs.

Licensing and permits

We issue licenses and permits for various activities, such as operating businesses, holding events, Hunting or keeping certain animals.

Planning and development

We are responsible for planning and regulating the use of land and buildings within their jurisdiction. They assess planning applications, enforce planning regulations, and develop local development plans.

Social services

We provide a range of social services to support vulnerable individuals and families. This can include services such as child protection, elderly care, disability support, and support for those experiencing homelessness.

Community support and engagement

We work to engage and involve the local community in decision-making processes and may provide support and funding for community projects and initiatives.

Transportation and infrastructure

We oversee the maintenance and improvement of roads, bridges, and public transportation systems within the district. 

Environmental health

We are responsible for monitoring and enforcing regulations related to food safety, pollution control, and public health. They may also provide advice and support to businesses and residents on environmental health issues.


Bulilima Rural District Council was established through an act of Parliament and is regulated through the Rural District Council ‘s Act 29:13  It is one of the seven administrative districts in Matabeleland South province , it was initial proclaimed in 2002 after the split of the former Bulilima Mangwe Rural District Council. It then attained District status in 2003.It has 22 wards whose councilors make up the policy and legislative arm of the RDC.  The district falls under five chieftainships and fifteen headmen.